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Business name change! Update #1

Commencing January 2024, I will be rebranding my business from Shawn's PC Repair to a name that better aligns with the services I offer. Over the past few years, I have recognized that the term "PC repair" does not accurately encapsulate the range of services I provide. The term "repair" may suggest a specialization in micro board repair or soldering.

Therefore, I am excited to announce the new name: Shawn's Tech Support. This updated branding reflects the broader scope of my services while emphasizing my commitment to providing comprehensive technical support to my valued clients. Rest assured, while the business name is changing, the exceptional service and dedication you have come to expect from me will remain unchanged. There will be a few minor adjustments to the business operations to enhance efficiency and better serve your needs.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to continuing to assist you with all your technical requirements under the new banner of Shawn's Tech Support.


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