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Here are all of our business updates these are listed in order of posting.

Update #1 - Link (Business name change)

Update #2 - Link (Distance Related Price Changes)

Update #3 - Link (Vacation - Dec 20 2023 to Jan 30 2024)

Update #4 - Link (Recurring invoices policy change)


Shawn Shank



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Recurring invoices policy change : Update #4

Hello Everyone, I am writing to inform you about a policy change effective January 1st, 2023. This policy applies specifically to customers with a yearly service fee with SPCR. Here are the details of

Business name change! Update #1

Commencing January 2024, I will be rebranding my business from Shawn's PC Repair to a name that better aligns with the services I offer. Over the past few years, I have recognized that the term "PC re

Distance Related Price Changes. Update #2

Hello everyone, Thank you for your continued business! I wanted to inform you about a pricing change regarding our service locations. Starting January 1, 2024, there will be a new minimum time require


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